Gender Rights

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

  I primarily practice Gender Rights law now, which is the most basic law possible because it is about enabling the person to live a life of individual dignity, a life determined by each person's self-expression and self-identity, a life that seeks the freedom to be. That is the heart and soul of American freedom.     

Trans people fit exactly within classic conservativism, the rugged individualism that began this country and has been celebrated ever since as the American Ideal. Live and let live, and respect people’s minds. “Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control [people]’s minds.” Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Trans is about who you are. 

Being trans is difficult. As Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a Stanford University professor of neuroscience and one of the preeminent scholars in trans brain neurology has written, trans people were born with the bad luck “to be stuck with bodies that are a different gender from who they actually are.” People scorn, attack us and kill us. For who we are. 

But just because we have minds and souls that are at odds with our bodies, we shouldn’t be scorned or attacked or killed. 

The founding idea of our country, is that who we are is in God’s image and our rights flow from our God-given human dignity.  And all of us, even trans people, have that dignity and are miracles of God, made in God’s Image, children of God, made male and female.  Each of us, just like me and you and just like God.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

I've also practiced Commercial law for years.

I've litigated, and won, lawsuits involving hundreds of millions of dollars; obtained before the Patent Office, and retained in reexamination, many patents; and negotiated and secured valuable licenses.  

My practice includes patent prosecution, including reexamination, appellate and post grant practice, in high technology fields; patent and intellectual property (trade secret, copyright and Lanham Act) litigation as well as ADR in patent, business and licensing matters; licensing and transactional work including licensing and cross licensing, corporate and joint venture structure and operating matters, corporate strategy counseling, due diligence, negotiations and other activities surrounding acquisition and divestment of high technology intellectual property and other corporate assets and other associated intellectual property and business matters.

Selected Teaching and Writings in Commercial Law

Patent Law, Internet Law Update CLE.

The Internet and Law CLE 

Adjunct, Villanova University School of Law, Litigation.

Adjunct, Villanova University School of Commerce and Finance, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship 

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Thank you for Changing Pennsylvania Law

Result of our case Doe v. Romberger, 2:16-cv-02337 (EDPa 2016) against Pennsylvania.  We won and now people born in PA have the right to a gender accurate birth certificate.  

From  "This is an important and long overdue modification for many members of the transgender community who can now update the gender marker on their birth certificate by submitting a letter from a physician simply stating they have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition; information about specific treatment is not required. "

* "Julie the most experienced and savvy counselor, trial lawyer, and advocate I know of in this arena (and others)."  

Leonard Sandler, Esq., 

Clinical Professor of Law

Director, Law and Policy In Action Clinic

University of Iowa College of Law