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Resolving 46 Years of "Hopeless Hoping"

Thank you for Changing Pennsylvania Law

Result of our case Doe v. Romberger, 2:16-cv-02337 (EDPa 2016) against Pennsylvania.  We won and now people born in PA have the right to a gender accurate birth certificate.  

From Law.com:  "This is an important and long overdue modification for many members of the transgender community who can now update the gender marker on their birth certificate by submitting a letter from a physician simply stating they have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition; information about specific treatment is not required. "


* "Julie Chovanes...is the most experienced and savvy counselor, trial lawyer, and advocate I know of in this arena (and others)."  

Leonard Sandler, Esq., 

Clinical Professor of Law

Director, Law and Policy In Action Clinic

University of Iowa College of Law  

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